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The Fabulous Fall Favorites Collection

The Fall collection is up on Mom’s Crochet Creations! The collection is named Fall Favorites because these are some of the scarves that I liked the most out of my Mom’s creations. Watching Mom pick out the yarn and consider color combinations was always fun. I love all of her scarves, but the ones I asked for the most were the Fall colored scarves.

And you might be wondering, why are some of the scarves named after foods? Well, because Fall makes me hungry. October, November, and December are major eating months.

October is for candy. If you can remember Trick-or-Treating at night without your parents back in the day, then you know that candy is a major food group. See if you can find my Halloween skeleton hanging out behind one of the scarves. November is the start of pie season, and of course, Thanksgiving. December is the best because it’s a combination of candies, desserts, and huge meals (don’t forget gifts, scarves make great gifts.) So while naming the scarves, the colors reminded me of food and warm drinks.

Last year, we did not celebrate any holidays. It was too hard without Mom. My sister and I refused to acknowledge Thanksgiving or Christmas. It was all we could do just to get through the days. We’re not sure what we’re doing this year, but food is obviously on my mind.

As you’re celebrating this holiday season, hug the ones you love, donate to people who have less than you, and eat something you enjoy. Diets are for January. And since it’s getting cold, wrap up in a warm cuddly scarf.

Have a wonderful and safe start to the holiday season!

Nicky, Mom, and Charlene
Nicky, Mom, and Charlene

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